Stairway to HeavenStairway to Heaven?

Completed in April 24th, 2015, the painting here is a ‘coda’.  In music:

Coda [ˈkoːda] (Italian for “tail”, plural code) is a term used in music primarily to designate a passage that brings a piece (or a movement) to an end. Technically, it is an expanded cadence. It may be as simple as a few measures, or as complex as an entire section. (Wiki)
Another example of this is in the drawing, ‘Weep for my Church’, where there is a passageway up some stairs and uplifting words, “you shall sing a new song”. In this painting, the coda starts with dismal steps, dark, damp and slimy. As the walker up the steps I only had my eye on the next step. No further. The ascent was arduous. Then I looked up and saw the sky with swirling clouds. The coda here speaks of hope.  What had been tightly enclosed, dark and tiring, had the promise of the summit with its freedom and open views. Open heavens awaited.
It has only been since I have been recording my paintings and drawing in one place that I’ve realised that these codas existed.  I must ask my theologically-minded friends whether such things exist in the scriptures?
Another point: both of these visions, Weep for My Church, and Stairway to Heaven have these stairways.
To what does this tail-end belong?
I had retired to bed at 1900 hrs. I was still awake when I began to see statues, and carvings and bas-relief figures in exquisite detail. I was surprised that they seemed very close up to me, as if in reality they were at arms’ length from me. After a time of stillness, they began to move as in a video and rather too fast. I understood them to be carvings on temple walls.


In my diary I recorded this:

Last night, I retired early. Almost as soon as I turned out the light, imagery – unrelated to the day – began. I saw the stone carvings (and I am getting shivvers as I recollect them) like those of Hindu/Inca temples. My eye moved quickly, fast,moving over the forms. [they seemed very close up to me so i could see the texture of the stone] then the forms came alive [and I am shivvering again] . What followed was a fast-moving scene of dragons, fish, scales, teeth; snarling, gaping mouths – a phantasmagoria of inexorable proportions; I couldn’t stop it. Alongside it my usual cramps in my legs got worse. I put the light on to walk it off. When I turned the light off and got back into bed the vision began again [as if it had never stopped].
At about 11:30 I texted a friend for prayer backup, wondering whether this was a demonic attack.
The dragon-like creatures began to look like men. They morphed slowly from one form into the other. One in particular was fighting. He had a distinct profile. see drawing in #1. that is taken from my Notebook.
      #1. Drawing of Mogadishu Warrior
Mogadishu came to mind, almost as a spoken word.
The next image was of families cowering. A girl was shot. I saw her jumper of striped colours, the texture, and with blood seeping through. Unexpectedly I spoke aloud, “STOP in the name of Jesus.”
12:00 it ceased. I googled Mogadishu. 24th Aug. New fighting between government forces and… Insurgents al-Shabab and continued through the night.” There were “civilian casualties”.
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I see this as another set of images that exists in three parts.  The Ezekiel Format.  In which case, the coda points forward.  This is for things to come.
Exegesis of Stairway to Heaven.  Jesus is the way.  At times, following Jesus is like a personal Via Dolorosa but “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life; No-one comes to the Father except by me.”  John 14:6