Beach. Abandoned. Mauritius.

This writing is part of an essay called,  ‘Healing the genealogy tree’

We had been having a conversation about our families; about getting on; about the need for healings.  While we had often prayed generically about such things, specific issues seemed to evade resounding healing. Yes gradually, we agreed, things were getting better but what about that KEY THING? Despite all our efforts the desires of our hearts for our families were somehow overshadowed. This seemed to be the prevalent view. A phone call changed all that. “Guess what, Mum ! I went to Sharm-al-Sheik and I swam. More than that I snorkelled under water; I even explored a shipwreck. I watched these pretty coloured fishes and totally enjoyed it!”  This was my grown-up daughter who, at aged 12 could not bear to be in the same room as a fish tank, so horrendous was her phobic reaction to water; she detested the sight of the undersides of boats.

What caused this unexpected change? and why?

This is a story that spans the years between 1983 until 2015

I became a Christian in the 1980s. My conversion was sudden and unexpected. It was a work of the Holy Spirit  without any other person being involved and and was marked by a gifting whereby I saw pictures and visions easily.  As an artist I began to draw them. The Rev Michael Green took me under his wing. During a prayer time with him a picture appeared in my mind’s eye.

I saw a single strand of white beach. Palm trees were etched against a tropical sky. [see drawing] On the sand lay a solitary hat and in the waters, an upturned boat the size of a dingy. I ‘knew’ that something dreadful had happened here. The effect of this picture was one of overwhelming sadness. I heard Michael say, “there’s a curse; I’ve broken it.”  What I didn’t know was that a curse may be broken but it may take time for an individual to appropriate the potential for freedom that it brings.

2015 Outworking of Broken Curse

I had known that my daughter was phobic; that she refused to even look at fish tanks and that she hated water sports. I encouraged her to try and that did not end well, she had an accident while whitewater rafting. Later, I too, had a boating accident that nearly killed me. This did not seem to augur well for someone who’d had a curse broken and a curse that had an upturned boat in the picture at that!

In 2015 I did the drawing reproduced here.  I had started a prayer diary that included my thoughts and intentions as well as comments from an intercessor, a person who I hadn’t met, yet she had words that spoke into my situation. So, I included the drawing of the beach with the sunken boat.

By 2014, I was living in Australia.  Near Perth there is an organisation called People Alive*. Here, Jenny Hunt offers Prayer Healing Ministry. I showed my drawing to Jenny and God gave her the word “Piracy” and she said no more. I immediately made the connection with my mother’s history. Her story was that she had been an orphan in Mauritius. She said that her family “were seafarers”. It seemed to add up.

Generational Curses: Scriptures and Science

The Old Testament worldview holds that, “The fathers have eaten sour grapes; the children’s teeth are set on edge.” (Ezekiel 18:2 ) In other words, what the parents do influences their unborn children.  Theologian, David Cooper states,

“It is true that heredity is a great factor in the life of every one of us. “Blood will tell.” We inherit the evil as well as the good qualities of our parents and foreparents. From the scientific point of view, also the fathers do eat sour grapes and the children’s teeth are set on edge. Because of this fact many people try to shirk the responsibility resting upon them, consoling themselves with the thought that they could not do any better because they have inherited certain weaknesses from their foreparents.” (Cooper, David L. The Visions and Oracles of the Prophet Ezekiel (10) Biblical Research Monthly, January 1947 thru September 1950. http://www.ariel.org/dlc/dlc-exw-eze10.htm downloaded December 2015)

The truth of this has been borne out by scientists. Nick Arriza states,

“There has been considerable research done suggesting that cellular memories are stored deep in one’s DNA structure, which are passed on to subsequent generations as well as to recipients through organ transplants. Such memories, which often carry a negative emotional charge, can disrupt the actual function of one’s DNA from the beginning of life.” (Arriza, D. The DNA Detox ezinarticles.com/?The-DNA-Detox&id=2041164 ) Further, New Scientist notes that:

“A study in rodents has for the first time shown that changes in gene activity, that result from diet and parental neglect and can cause psychiatric disorders, can be passed down three generations. It was previously thought the slate was wiped clean and reset in embryos. Margaret Morris and Jayanthi Maniam of the University of New South Wales in Australia have shown comfort food and opportunities for exercise can reverse these effects in rats.” (Sins of the Fathers.  Pages 8 – 9    <http://www.newscientist.com/>)

Consider too, the results of injections that contain aborted foetal material as vaccines do. “Vaccines manufactured using human fetal cells contain residual DNA fragments … It is possible that these contaminating fragments could be incorporated into a child’s genome and disrupt normal gene function, leading to autistic phenotypes.” (http://soundchoice.s3.amazonaws.com/soundchoice/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/DNA_Contaminants_in_Vaccines_Can_Integrate_Into_Childrens_Genes.pdf)

The main cell line used in this practice came from the aborted son of a mental health patient: “scientists in the UK obtained cells from a 14-week male fetus aborted for ‘psychiatric reasons’ from a 27-year-old British woman. This cell line is called MRC-5” (https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/facing-up-to-vaccines-created-with-aborted-fetal-cells downloaded 30.11.2015)

I consider that this introduction of DNA material can be thought of as genetic modification.  Might there be a connection between this and generational trauma which “is considered to repeat cycles throughout generations”. (Healing Trauma. (June 2012:11) Resource and Study Guide.  Elijah House Teaching Series)

Dr Caroline Leaf studies neuroplasticity of the brain and epigenetics. For more information see “Sins Of The Grandfathers.” (Sins Of The Grandfathers http://drleaf.com/blog/sins-of-the-grandfathers/)

So on the one hand, our theologian Cooper , says of those who had taken refuge in the proverb of the father’s eating sour grapes and the children’s teeth being set on edge “were interpreting life from the standpoint of fate purely.” For them, nothing could be done about the situation. And this could easily be said of us today.

On the other hand, for the Hebrews,

“The prophet now says that, with the fall of the monarchy, the last chapter of her national history is closed and the new chapter is to begin. Conditions will change and God now is in a particular manner dealing with the individual, upon the basis of the merits of each case. (my italics) He will not, as formerly, deal with the people as groups, to the extent to which He has before this time.” (Cooper, David L. The Visions and Oracles of the Prophet Ezekiel (10) Biblical Research Monthly, January 1947 thru September 1950. http://www.ariel.org/dlc/dlc-exw-eze10.htm downloaded December 2015)

This changes the situation and “God declared through Ezekiel that He would cause this proverb to cease” I wonder how many people unknowingly allow the fatalistic standpoint described here to rule their lives? Where the OT describes generations affected by sin, Jeremiah adds

29“In those days they will not say again, ‘The fathers have eaten sour grapes, And the children’s teeth are set on edge.’ 30“But everyone will die for his own iniquity; each man who eats the sour grapes, his teeth will be set on edge.

And so, Jesus in the New Testament releases us. Here is the promise:

1Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. 2For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sin and of death. 3For what the Law could not do, weak as it was through the flesh, God did: sending His own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh and as an offering for sin, He condemned sin in the flesh

The problem is, at least in this case, that it does not happen automatically; it had to be appropriated.

Appropriating release from Generational Bondage

The example above demonstrates generational healing. It is self-evident that the invitation of the Holy Spirit is of primary importance. Initially, Michael Green had been shown that a curse was in force. He broke that curse in the name of Jesus, however, a new Christian life had to be walked. It wasn’t until  2015, years later, that the Spirit showed that I was ready for the next stage. When I showed my drawing to Jenny Hunt, she had offered that one word – “Piracy”. But what to do with that revelation?

My immediate response to that word was one of joy! I fancied my forbears had been taken by pirates and that my accursed life was the result; I felt sorry for my family. However, the Holy Spirit whispered, “No.”  I continued with my fanciful narrative as another word formed in my consciousness, “No.” Gently, kindly, softly, “No.”  The Holy Spirit, the bringer of Truth, led me forward and breathed, “No.”  Then the truth dawned on me! it was my forbears who had been the oppressors.  My mother’s history was based in Mauritius, an island place that had seen much bloodshed and changes of government. What I had taken to be my victimised family – my mother was an orphan – turned out to be a story of forceful pilfering; stealing; and possibly murder. There is nothing romantic about piracy.

At once, I asked Him to enlighten me of any times in my life when I had behaved ‘as a pirate’. Taking anything without permission; being ‘casual’ about appropriating goods; the smallest things at the youngest age had to be dealt with.  I believe that the Holy Spirit worked to shine a light into distant memories for which I repented. Further, I apologised for my family, the generations before, reasoning that if I didn’t say sorry to God, who would? Wasn’t He worthy of a contrite heart?

That done, I prayed to be cut off from the invisible umbilicus that had held me in bondage to past generations. I was to be free to stand one-to-one with Jesus Christ as a New Testament creature bought by His blood. Here, my repentance allowed me to face the future without the encumbrances of this load of guilt, allowing me to receive the stated forgiveness that is there for all who truly repent. (I am aware that Dr Kurt Koch is clear that such a person needs to be in community for further upbuilding. This I am not.)

There is no doubt that curses do hold people in bondage, further “there can be a family’s sinful response to traumatic events as in sowing and reaping; and natural effects of sin (physical/mental handicaps resulting from incest, etc.”

I had not prayed about healing of fear of water. In retrospect, I realise that I should have done. Accidents in water had occurred from time to time but we had survived. The phobias hadn’t occurred to me as something that could block spiritual energy. (My daughter is now baptised.)

It makes me wonder what else binds our lives so that we don’t receive healing? Where there has been a history of lifelong phobias, might we cast our minds back to previous generations and wonder what history prevailed there that may influence our life today? Shouldn’t we ask, “Is there a pattern emerging?” and “are our children’s teeth set on edge?”

And so it was that I had heard the familiar excited voice over a Skype call, “Guess what, Mum ! I went to Sharm-al-Sheik and I swam. More than that I snorkelled under water; I even explored a shipwreck. I watched these pretty coloured fishes and totally enjoyed it!”  Amazed and delighted, I have addressed the questions, ‘What changed? and why?’  It was the Holy Spirit who initiated this story. In enlightening Michael Green a train of events was set in motion. There came a time, and I don’t know why this timing was important, that I wanted to draw the scene that had been revealed to me during that initial prayer time.  God used a Christian Prayer Minister to continue the work that had begun in the 1980s.

In my early days as a Christian, a rather morose man declared the word, ‘repentance’ as if it were a harbinger of doom. However, what I was about to hear in that word , ‘repentance’ was lifegiving. It is as if all our wrongs, and hurts, and sins, are bound up in a giant iceberg. Frozen for generations, the crime, the sin of piracy was held fast. Repentance melts the iceberg and with the melting comes new energy. Energy flowed and with it joy and cleansing. I am healed! Furthermore, my progeny are too.

If anyone is praying for healing for their children or their children’s children, consider this; the curse of generations is broken and so claim it!  Ask the Holy Spirit to shine a light into your family history; respond with humility, and He will heal you and those you love.


*People Alive.  For Prayer Healing Ministry Phone 9337 5356

** References have been lost in transposing this to WordPress. I shall work on this so that authors are cited correctly. In the meantime please contact me through this post for information regarding authors’ references.